You Deserve Peace...

Mourning the loss of your children is never easy, especially if they're still living.
This is how millions of silently suffering parents deal with estrangement and alienation every day. Shame from past mistakes, uncertainty of what went wrong and the suspended animation of life in general.
You deserve peace. Here is some help.

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When We Transfer our Traumas to Our Kids Instead of "Dealing With It"

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A glimpse into Birdie Chesson's journey.#WhyIDoThis

Birdie Chesson's Journey

February 27, 2022. That was the day that changed Birdie's life forever. The events that happened after that were truly heartbreaking.

Alienated, No Contact, Estranged, Eggshell Walk, Estranged Again, Low Contact...

Through transparent accounting of her own agonizing Alienated, then Estrangement and subsequent RECONCILIATION with her son, she shows you How She "Fixed" Her Relationship With Her Son.

  • She chronicled her entire process. The 5 Stages of Grief, Crying, Healing & Communication. There are videos, books and other resources that SHOW you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
  • NOTE: Birdie IS NOT a doctor. Everything is based on her own experiences and observations. If you require medical attention and/or need more help than guided prompts and conversation can do, please consult a medical professional. Personal Development helps you shift your thinking to help you make your OWN life's changes.

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These Are Our Books, Curriculum and Materials.

"Sorry I Messed Up..."

Sometimes we as parents don't live up to our OWN potential. Our kids watch us flounder in life and sometimes that leaves them vulnerable to the world. We haven't been able to make things "right", and it may leave things in limbo with your own kids. Birdie shares her own journey in estrangement with her own son and the peace that they have in the power of letting each other go.

COMING SOON-Parents, Stop Apologizing"

Parents need to reach an inner peace with the decisions that their adult children have made to estrange themselves. The power of letting go as a parent is one of the hardest parts of the parental journey, especially when your child alienates you. However, sometimes Adult Children letting go entails placing blame, for which parents suffer with inner conflict and giving forced apologies. It's time to stop apologizing, let go and give yourself grace.

Let Them Clothing

A tribute to The Power of Letting Go, "Let Them", is an underlying message of acceptance to that brings comfort Birdie has added her Breathe by Birdie signature to this popular merch.

Healing Parent Wounds

We raised our kids to the best of our abilities, maybe even with tools our own parents gave us. While they did the best that they could with what they knew we know well intentions nothing if OUR kids are hurt now. THAT'S The generational Parent Wound.

Mother's & Father's Day

It's so hard to feel good around Mother's Day and Father's Day; especially because those days feel stripped from you.
Here's a FREE card to print out with a loving message and additional resources for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Does Birdie Have A Facebook Group for Parents?

No. Birdie only participates in Parent Groups as a fellow parent. She does have a free Facebook PAGE, with the videos that she has posted in Parent Groups as well as other resources for parents on that Facebook PAGE called Estranged And Alienated Parents Help.
Again, Birdie does not have any ACTIVE related Estranged and Alienated Parents Facebook Group. However, She does has a Patreon Mailing List and a Premium Membership that has Private & Paid Group features.

Can I "Book Birdie" in a Workshop?

YES! As well as a Virtual tour, Birdie is also on a Live and Personal Tour. Join Birdie's List to get updates where she is setting up another workshop. Join Birdie's List Here.

Does Birdie Have A Paid Group?

Yes! Birdie has a FREE Mailing List HERE with videos posted there as an alternative to Facebook. On that same mailing list, is a Featured Membership that is $3.00 a month, where there is access to private videos that will not be posted on Social Platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.

Secondly, Birdie also has a Premium Membership Site and Private Community that Parents can JOIN HERE to freely share their experiences safely.

Are there Courses?

Yes. START HERE with "How I Fixed My Relationship With My Son".
Previous to Birdie's Estrangement journey, she was a Personal Development Specialist. She took her own experiences with her own parentage and put it in course form for a step by step process to healing Parenthood Wounds. There are Books, Online Courses AND Digital Downloadable products and Coaching Available.

Birdie has been in the Transitional Guidance space for OVER 25 years. Birdie is not a doctor. Just a Parent that saw her way through; and now as a Parental Transitional Guide, she helps other parents past Parenthood and NOW SO CAN YOU. Join Her for Our Shadow Work Course Here.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds for our Online Courses, Digital & Downloadable products or Coaching; however, if you purchase any of Birdie's Books on Amazon, Amazon has a strict 30 day return policy on undamaged and unmarked books.

What is "Family Day With Birdie"?

Birdie Is on Tour! The first day all about Family. How to reconcile, give yourself grace and let go in peace. Birdie eventually wants to create retreats for Parents who need support and healing, collaborations are welcome.
Join her ON TOUR HERE.